Violence against children and adolescents


A growing body of work within SaME and the GVHC investigates violence against children and adolescents, primarily from a prevention point of view. This research spans a range of issues from child marriage, partner violence towards adolescents, sexual exploitation of children, use of corporal punishment, other forms of physical violence against children and issues around social protection.

A programme of work in Uganda explores the connections between physical, sexual and emotional violence against children and adolescents in school, at home, and in the community, and tests interventions to prevent violence in primary and secondary schools.

In this field, SaME and GVHC work includes innovative research and analysis of social and gender norms:

  • The Learning Initiative on Norms, Exploitation and Abuse (LINEA) explores how social norm theory can be used to reduce sexual exploitation and abuse of young people, with an initial emphasis on adolescent girls.
  • The Know Violence initiative identifies synergies between research and intervention programming to prevent violence against women on one hand and, on the other, violence against children.

Studies involving children raises issues around research ethics. In particular, we seek to ensure that:

  • we collect information about children’s experience of violence in ways that do not put them at risk
  • services are available for children who do disclose abuse, and that we can connect them to those services

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