Health sector


In the health sector and health systems, our work covers HIV, partner violence and sexual and reproductive health. Within Europe, North America, and Malaysia, we study health services including sexual health services for both men and women who are experiencing violence, while our research on TB and HIV is largely focused in Eastern and Southern Africa.

In addition to stand-alone services, we investigate integration, asking for example:

  • What are the potential pros and cons of integrating HIV and reproductive health services?
  • How does integration influence client satisfaction with services?
  • How does it potentially influence the cost of delivering both services?
  • How do we integrate responses to domestic violence into health services
  • What are the pros and cons of different intervention models, such as one-stop crisis centres versus screening at antenatal clinics for violence?

The economic component is of particular interest to decision-makers and practitioners. Here we ask questions such as:

  • What are the costs of different health sector interventions?
  • How can we make an economic case for investment in health systems as a whole versus looking at it issue by issue within the health system?
  • What are the costs to patients of accessing TB, HIV and other specific services?

Photo credit: The Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT)

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