Analysis of global data


Within SaME and the Gender  Violence and Health Centre, we analyse global data sets, including the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) as well as population data sets that we collect in our own research on violence. Insights from the macro level help us understand the drivers of violence, design interventions and frame policy recommendations. Systematic reviews feed this work, which is designed to:

  • synthesise evidence
  • arrive at the global prevalence of intimate partner violence (IPV) and child sexual abuse
  • estimate the health impacts of IPV and child sexual abuse
  • understand what drives the variation in the levels of violence around the world
  • explore the influence of different social determinants such as levels of education, social norms around the acceptability of violence, levels of economic development and laws and policies around violence and women’s status
  • identify and investigate opportunities for prevention (such as secondary education for girls)

We see variation within countries and between countries. This tells us that violence is not inevitable.

Landmark studies

WHO Multi-country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence, 2005
Global and regional estimates of violence against women, 2013

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