Adaptation of the Good School Toolkit for reducing violence in secondary schools


In 2015, we showed that the Good School Toolkit reduced violence in primary schools in Uganda. Following our successful Good Schools Study, in 2015, we began research to inform Raising Voices’ adaptation of the Good School Toolkit for use in secondary schools in Uganda.

We are conducting qualitative research to understand common forms of violence in secondary schools and qualitative research to gather further information about the secondary school context. New parts of the Toolkit will be tested for acceptability and feasibility of implementation in secondary schools. This study is ongoing and will finish in summer 2016.



MRC (to K Devries)

Hewlett FoundationThe Oak FoundationThe Sigrid Rausuing Trust and American Jewish World Service (to D Naker)


Read an overview of our research in this field.

Image credit: Raising Voices

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