Charlotte Watts
Founder of SaME Group and Gender Violence & Health Centre (GVHC), Professor of Social & Mathematical Epidemiology

Cathy Zimmerman
Reader in Migration, Health, Labour Exploitation and Gender Violence

Graham Medley
Head of SaME Group and Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling

Anna Vassall
Professor in Health Economics

Heidi Stöckl
Director of GVHC; Associate Professor in Social Epidemiology

Mitzy Gafos
Research director of STRIVE research consortium; Associate Professor

Fern Terris-Prestholt
Associate Professor in Economics of HIV

Karen Devries
Assistant Professor in Social Epidemiology

Kerrie Thornhill
Assistant Professor in Gender Violence

Sheila Harvey
Associate Professor Clinical and Social intervention Trials

Anna Foss
Associate Professor in Public Health Education and Mathematical Epidemiology

Shelley Lees
Associate Professor in Anthropology of Gender, Violence and HIV

Gabriela Gomez
Associate Professor Economics of Infectious Diseases

Loraine Bacchus
Associate Professor in Social Science

Ana-Maria Buller
Deputy Director of GVHC; Assistant Professor in Social Science

Tara Beattie
Assistant Professor in HIV Epidemiology

Manuela Colombini
Assistant Professor in Social Science

Mazeda Hossain
Assistant Professor in Social Epidemiology

Ligia Kiss
Assistant Professorof Social Epidemiology

Nambusi Kyegombe
Assistant Professor in Global Health and Development

Clare Tanton
Assistant Professor in Epidemiology

Beniamino Cislaghi
Assistant Professor in Social Norms

Meghna Ranganathan
Assistant Professor in Social Protection, Economic Empowerment and Health

Lloyd Chapman
Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling

Fiammetta Bozzani
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Louise Knight
Research Fellow

 Joelle Mak
Research Fellow

Mariana Siapka
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Sedona Sweeney
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Sergio TorresRueda
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Yoko Laurence
Research Fellow in Health Economics

Tanya Abramsky
Research Fellow

Giulia Ferrari
Research Fellow

Marc d’Elbee
Research Fellow

Erin Stern
Research Fellow

Marie-Celine Schulte
Research Fellow

Emily Nightingale
Research Fellow in Statistical Modelling

Pitchaya Inraduvh
Research Fellow In Health Economics

Lottie Howard-Merrill
Research Assistant

Leah Kenny
Research Assistant

Rosa Arques
SaME Programme Coordinator

Linda Amarfio
Group Administrator

Annie Holmes
Director of Research Uptake

Michael Naranjo

Christine McLanachan
CEO of STRIVE Research Consortium

Research Students

Nicola Pocock
Research Degree Student

Jenny Svensson
PhD Student

Sabah Boufkhed
Research Degree Student

Associate Members

Rebecca Baggaley
Honorary Lecturer

Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths

Former Members

Lori Heise
Professor in Social Epidemiology

Zindoga Mukandavire
Assistant Professor in Mathematical Modelling of HIV

Lorna Guinness
Lecturer in Health Economics

Samantha Watson
Assistant Professor

Michelle Remme
Assistant Professor in Health Economics

Kate Mitchell
Research Fellow

Christine Michaels-Igbokwe
Research Fellow

 Holly Prudden
Research Fellow in Social Epidemiology
and Mathematical Modelling

Rebecca Meiksin
Research Fellow in Social Science

Finn McGuire
Research Fellow Health Economics & Policy

Michelle Moore
Communications Assistant

Alys McAlpine
Research Assistant

Alexandra Bleile
Research Assistant

Abigail Williams
Placement Student

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