STRIVE Research Consortium

STRIVE is a research consortium investigating the social norms and inequalities that drive HIV. Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, science shows that certain methods work to prevent and treat the virus. And yet this has not stopped the spread of HIV. More and better evidence is needed on how structural forces increase vulnerability to HIV and on the interventions that work, in practice, to address them.

Most STRIVE research is conducted in India, South Africa and Tanzania. All affected by HIV, these countries have diverse epidemics and cultural contexts, providing opportunities for comparative learning. STRIVE prioritises research that can be used to press for policy and other change to:

  • enhance the impact of proven HIV prevention strategies
  • reduce HIV
  • reduce the economic burden of HIV/AIDS on families and governments and thus
  • contribute towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

To address structural determinants of HIV – such as gender inequality, labour migration or alcohol use – requires extensive collaboration across disciplines and sectors. STRIVE seeks to share valuable learning about overcoming the methodological challenges of working this way.

STRIVE Website

The STRIVE website acts as a knowledge portal on structural drivers and approaches to HIV.


Papers by STRIVE group

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