Introducing Indashyikirwa: Agents of Change

Dr Erin Stern, new member of the SaME group and Research Fellow at the Gender Violence Health Centre (GVHC), introduced the Indashyikirwa research at an event for the Masters of Global Health programme at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Kigali on 4 May 2016. The SaME group welcomes Dr Stern to her new role.

CARE Rwanda, together with the Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) and Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC), have developed this project. Indashyikirwa means “agents of change” and the programme aims to empower women and engage men in order to prevent violence against women (VAW) across Rwanda.

This meeting was an informal discussion based on questions from UGHE. Justine Mirembe, Senior Qualitative Researcher and Henriette Byabagamba, Study Counsellor, were also in attendance. It was an opportunity to introduce the Indashyikirwa programme and to reflect on:

  • experiences conducting qualitative research on sensitive topics such as gender based violence
  • the experience of gaining access to the study population for the Indashyikirwa baseline research
  • how they built in social support for interviewees and interviewers during the baseline research
  • the role of and value of qualitative research for advocacy

Indashyikirwa: Agents of Change

Indashyikirwa aims to bring sustainable social change through positively transforming attitudes, practices and social norms that perpetuate harmful gender norms and violence both among individual couples and in the wider communities in which they live. The intervention consists of multiple components.

Read an overview of the Indashyikirwa programme here.

Image: From left: Lameck Habumugisha, Justine Mirembe, Henriette Byabagamba and Erin Stern. Image credit: Franz Stapelberg.

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