SaME expertise contributes to new commissioned series on ethics

The May issue of International Health sees the launch of their Ethics Series which includes a paper by SaME’s Dr Karen Devries.

New and emerging forms of research are leading to parallel emergence of new ethical issues such as:

  • ethics in large collaborative research networks
  • data-sharing
  • diversity of institutions
  • values

Researchers and institutions need to maintain high ethical standards in this complex practical and guidance landscape.

In their commentary, Devries, Dipak Naker (Raising Voices), et al discuss the need for a universal standard when collecting data on violence against children and young people. Data is necessary to ensure appropriate prevention and response, but there is a real risk of harm to children if ethical standards are not adhered to. Devries et al propose specific suggestions for good practice, based on their own past experience and policies. These areas of consideration include:

  • deciding what data to collect
  • interviewer selection and training
  • confidentiality
  • duty of care/child protection protocols
  • mandatory reporting of abuse
  • reflection and learning

The International Health Ethics Series will run throughout 2016 accumulating in a freely available web collection at the end of the year. This is in association with the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (RSTMH) and Oxford University Press.

Read an overview of our research in the field of violence against children and our project pages:

Image: Cover of International Health. Image credit: IStock Photos.

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