“They’ve stolen my smile” – accounts of trafficking

At the Trust Women Conference  on 19 November 2014, Cathy Zimmerman shared women’s stories of trafficking and outlined the psychological challenges faced by slavery survivors.

I feel like they’ve stolen my smile and I’ll never get it back

Quote from a female slavery survivor

Cathy participated on a panel entitled The Long Road to Freedom with Evelyn Chumbow, Chau Thi Minh Dinh, Michael Brosowski and Katy Robjant, representing National Survivor Network, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and Helen Bamber Foundation respectively.

Highlighting issues of labour exploitation and gender-based violence, Cathy quoted a study of 200 women across 7 European countries, of whom 75% had experienced sexual and/or physical violence.

Cathy Zimmerman at the Trust Women Conference

Cathy Zimmerman at the Trust Women Conference


To view the panel’s presentations, watch this video.

Read all about the conference here.

Cathy is a co-founder of the Gender Violence and Health Centre (GVHC) and a Senior Lecturer in the SaME group, working on migration, health, vulnerable migrants, labour exploitation and gender-based violence. In November 2014, she was promoted to Reader at LSHTM. Read more here.

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