“Opening the Door” – Film wins Best Shorts Competition Award

Opening the Door: An Educational Film for Care Providers about Supporting Families Dealing with Intimate Partner Violence 

Written and produced by Loraine J. Bacchus of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, this film won an Award of Merit under four categories in a Best Shorts Competition:

  • women filmmakers
  • special purpose films
  • health/medicine/science
  • training/industrial productions

The film (see below) depicts scenes based directly on research interviews conducted as part of the Marie Curie fellowship with a diverse sample of home visitors and women. The film presents challenges that home visitors face, and presents some strategies for dealing with them. Professor Marianne Kubik directed the film, made in collaboration with the Department of Drama and the Media Lab at University of Virginia (UVA).

As part of her two-year Marie Curie International Fellowship, Loraine spent a year with the  conducting a study of perinatal home visitation programmes implementing the DOVE intervention for intimate partner violence (IPV).

IPV is a challenging issue for any practitioner who provides support and care to families. It can be difficult to ask about, discuss, and follow-up on. Like any assessment or clinical skill, effective IPV communication improves with practice.

DOVE is a randomized controlled trial funded by the National Institutes of Health (Grant No: HD071771) and jointly conducted by the UVA and Johns Hopkins University Schools of Nursing. It investigates methods to improve screening and intervention in perinatal home visitation. The study compares traditional ‘pen and paper’ screening and intervention by home visiting nurses with mobile health technology (computer tablets). This is the first study to explore screening and intervention for IPV using technology.

Top picture – from left to right: Dean Dori Fontaine, School of Nursing University of Virginia; Professor Phyllis Sharps John Hopkins University (DOVE PI); Dr Loraine J Bacchus; Professor Linda Bullock School of Nursing University of Virginia (DOVE PI); Professor Marianne Kubik Department of Drama University of Virginia (Director of the film).

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