Violence against children with disabilities – New publication in BMC Public Health

BMC Public Health has published a paper by SaME researchers Karen Devries and Nambusi Kyegombe, on a new study which explores violence against primary school children with disabilities in Uganda. The paper examines the prevalence, patterns and risk factors for physical, sexual and emotional violence among disabled children attending primary school in the Luwero District.

Data show that disabled girls report more physical violence and considerably more sexual violence than non-disabled girls and that primary school is one of the main environments where this violence occurs. However whilst schools are a main risk environment, they also provide an opportunity to deliver interventions to reduce violence.

Lead author Karen Devries and colleague Nambusi Kyegombe worked in collaboration with the Institute of Education, London, Makerere University, Uganda, and Raising Voices, Uganda. Together they collated data on 3706 children aged 11-14 from 42 primary schools in the region.

Read the full paper.


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